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We are all aware that laparoscopic surgery has changed the face of gynaecological surgery in ways that were never thought of before. Though all of us may not be practicing laparoscopic surgery, we are all Influenced by the way it has changed our practice. Laparoscopic myomectomy is progressing by leaps and bounds in its technique and instrumentation. Electronic morcellators, contained morcellation and superior surgical techniques like uterine artery ligation have made myomectomy even safer.

Minimising blood loss and achieving haemostasis is an important part of laparoscopic myomectomy. We have all been using diluted vasopressin solution to reduce blood loss in myomectomy performed either laparoscopically or by conventional laparotomy. Though rare, the use of vasopressin carries an inherent risk of serious cardiovascular side effects due to its inadvertent injection into the vascular system. The present invention ” Pisat’s Visual Vasopressor Injection Needle (VVIN) “, which has patents filed in India and internationally, aims to minimise this risk. This is an extremely simple, cost effective instrument that has the potential to drastically reduce serious life threatening complications and make laparoscopic myomectomy safer for your patients

I request you to try this instrument and experience the benefits it offers in laparoscopic myomectomy. This leaflet contains our first study published in the journal ” Surgical technology international” an international peer reviewed journal indexed on PubMed with eminent editors like Dr Harry Reich, the founder of laparscopic hysterectomy and Prof Arnaud Wattiez, director of IRCAD, France.

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